Project Description
This console app and SQL Server 2008 Management Studio add-in helps you better manage your SQL Compact development efforts. It allows you to script schema and data to a .sql file, which can be used in any context. It also scripts DML for use in SSMS scripts.

Project is being moved to GitHub:

Latest source and issues are now on Github!

You can use the resulting script for documentation, programmatic scripting of SQL Compact database files, or migration of schema and data to SQL Server (Express) 2005 or later.

Notice that a similar add-in for Visual Studio 2010 (Pro or higher) for SQL Compact 3.5 and 4.0 is now available here

New features in release 3.5.2
  • SSMS 2008 add-in updated with all fixes in lates scripting libraries
  • The command line utilities and scripting library also works with SQL Server Compact 4.0
  • New command line switches: exclude, dataonly, diff, dgml, wpdc, sqlite - see the documentation page

 ErikEJ blogs about SQL Compact, .NET and related stuff News Feed 
 ErikEJ blogs about SQL Compact, .NET and related stuff News Feed 

SQL Server Management Studio 2008 (Express) add-in

ExportSqlCE is a command line application and a SQL Server 2008 Management Studio (Express) add-in.
The add-in adds the following menu items to the table context menu in Object Explorer:
- Show Table Data (browse, sort, edit, import/export/delete images, refresh data)
- Script Table as CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERTs (data) to New Query Editor Windows/File/Clipboard
- Import Data from CSV
- Rename


It also adds the menu items "Script Database" and "Script Server Database" to the database context menu:


Command line utilities


The project is based on the work by Bembeng Arifin published here:

Also see Related projects for other credits.

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